About the chambers of commerce

Belgian chambers of commerce are organisations under private law. Compared with a number of other countries, membership of a chamber is not obligatory for companies in Belgium. This freedom of membership spurs chambers on to offer services that provide their members a clear added value.

Chambers bring business people and enterprises together with a view to creating new opportunities and promoting cross fertilisation, to assist them and to create added value for the enterprises.

Chambers of commerce dedicate themselves to an environment in which free entrepreneurship is encouraged, and that way wish to contribute fundamentally to prosperity and well-being in their region. The first chamber in Belgium was founded in Bruges in 1665!

There are 14 accredited chambers of commerce in Belgium, and 33 accredited Belgian-Luxembourg chambers of commerce abroad.

Chambers of commerce can be found all over the world. This makes them unique. No other business organisation whatsoever is at the same time so locally anchored and so international. This means they are well positioned to help enterprises both with defending interests locally and with their international growth.


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