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Belgian chambers of commerce abroad

The Belgian chambers’ activities do not cease at the national borders. Internationalisation is in our business owners’ DNA. Just like their desire to share their experiences with others, and to assist other companies in tapping new markets. Join both together and you get a network of Belgian chambers of commerce that is active throughout the entire world.

Belgian chambers of commerce abroad (or bilateral chambers) are independent organisations, each of them founded at the initiative of local enterprises with a strong connection to Belgium. While these chambers’ activities vary from country to country, depending on local needs and customs, the common theme throughout their services and activities is always the same: to provide the necessary visibility to Belgium and its regions abroad, and further expand the economic relationships between Belgium and the country where they are active.



The bilateral chambers constitute a significant and essential supplementation to the official network of Belgian representatives abroad. They collaborate closely and provide an additional dimension, namely a direct line with the private sector. Since we do not wish Belgian companies to turn to just anyone, we have set up an accreditation programme for the bilateral chambers. Prior to being able to become a member of the Federation, chambers have to demonstrate they fulfil all the accreditation programme’s criteria. They ensure that the bilateral chambers are able to be reliable partners for Belgian enterprises.


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Activities of bilateral chambers

The below list contains examples of services offered by the bilateral chambers. Not every chamber offers the entire range. To find out what services a specific chamber offers, it is best to contact the chamber in question.

TranslationsTranslationsAdvice on import and export procedures Organisation of trade missions
Help acquiring a visa Seeking out commercial partners
Business awards Participating in trade fairs
Business awards Translations
Cultural events Help with business travel (schedule, appointments)
Help recruiting staff Training on business culture
Seminars Domiciliation and secretary services
Wage administration Help with dispute mediation
VAT recovery Business centre facilities
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