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European Commission does not follow its own rules

EUROCHAMBRES conducted a study on how SME-test was implemented in number of the Commission’s regulation impact analysis. However the Commission committed to apply the Think Small Firstprinciple, the quality of these tests is disappointing. The complete version of the study as well as EUROCHAMBRES’ recommendations are available here.

Christophe Leitl becomes new president EUROCHAMBRES

On 27 October, EUROCHAMBRES‘ General Assembly, the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry, elected Christophe Leitl to become its new president for the 2018-2019 period. Christophe Leitl is the president of the Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, Austria’s national Chamber of Commerce. In his investiture speech, he called for a more competitive Europe as a response to […]

ACTS: Anti-corruption toolkit for SMEs

Protecting SMEs from corruption – How does corruption hamper European businesses?Chambers of Commerce and Industry play a special role in supporting businesses to protect themselves from corruption. In the framework of the ACTS project, co-funded by the EU, EUROCHAMBRES identified a range of anti-corruption initiatives of European Chambers of Commerce and NGOs. In this brochure, you […]

New blog for international community

Belgium, a country at the crossroads of cultures, where multilingualism and international contacts are the order of the day. Brussels, the capital of the European Union, with more journalists and diplomats than any other city in the world. An ideal test market for companies willing to try out new products or services. In order to […]