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Who we are

The Belgian-Congolese Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1988, on the initiative of Belgian and Congolese businessmen willing to strengthen trade relations between traders of their respective countries.
Since 2010, the Chamber also represents the interests of businessmen from Luxembourg.
In 2011, the Chamber opened a branch in Lubumbashi.
The Chamber represents more than 130 companies and has become a major venue for meetings and contacts.


Our services

  • Simplified application procedure for short-term Schengen visa
  • Search for business partners
  • List of companies
  • Business and commercial information, transmission of business proposals and tenders
  • Monthly publication of CCBCL Info
  • Edition of the directory of the Chamber


Our activities

  • Monthly events organisation (conference luncheon, cocktail, company visits, etc…)
  • Meeting between foreign delegations
  • Facilitating contact with the Belgian Chambers of Commerce abroad
  • Missions abroad and in other parts of Congo
  • Training and seminars


Number of members


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