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Who we are

The Belgian Vietnamese Alliance was founded in 2011 and aims to enhance the cooperation between Belgium, Luxemburg and Vietnam in the economic, cultural and social fields.
It offers valuable resources for anyone interested in Belgium, Luxemburg or Vietnam: whether you are planning a trip to either of the countries, just want to catch up on the news, or intend to set up a business in Vietnam or Belgium, Luxemburg. BVA and its distinguished partners organize the most exclusive member events, such as keynote addresses, networking opportunities, cultural manifestations, conferences, charity events, and much more.

Our continued efforts of the past years have put us on the right track to further develop our collaboration between Belgium, Luxemburg and Vietnam, to expand our business relations and services and to organize well-balanced activities.

The Belgium Vietnamese Alliance is a platform where companies can meet each other, exchange information and attend network events. We also promote bilateral contacts, through information via networking events, newsletters and website. Through these bilateral contacts we give our members more insights into the economic and financial fabric in Belgium and Vietnam.


Our services

BVA is a reliable partner for institutional and economic partners to develop an international business network and offers useful links for legal, economic and investment information.

We are a mixed team (Belgian and Vietnamese board and management)

  • Access to our extensive Belgian and Vietnamese network
  • Access to translations services
  • Support for social  & cultural projects in Vietnam
  • Support Vietnamese (Belgian) students in Belgium (Vietnam) to inform them of the do’s and do not related to students exchange programs, and/or to find the perfect job match, etc.
  • Assistance and help for entrepreneurs to find the right (conversation) partner in various fields
  • Assistance in your business travel (planning and appointments)


Our activities

  • Visits and presentations of member companies
  • Business to Business networking meetings
  • Information sessions – conferences – seminars with experts in various fields
  • Exclusive seminars and Meet & Greets  for our  members and non-members with actual themes Organizing Vietnamese language lessons for entrepreneurs and others
  • Sharing experiences and testimonials: how to do business with Vietnam, etc.


Number of members


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