Who do we work with?

a_cifal+unitar_horiz    CIFAL Flanders

To expand the services of the chambers in terms of sustainable business practices, the Federation has partnered with CIFAL Flanders (the UN training centre for the promotion of the sustainable development goals) since 2015.

This centre has gained extensive expertise in sustainable business practices (sustainable development goals, social entrepreneurship, smart and sustainable cities, businesses and human rights, etc.) and organises training courses based on ‘action learning’ in various sectors, including fashion, port, diamond and banking.


Federal Institute for Sustainable Development (FISD)

FISD prepares the sustainable development policy within the federal government, coordinates its implementation, offers expertise and initiates pilot projects. Here are a few examples of initiatives implemented by FIDO: the Guide to Sustainable Purchasing, the Sustainable Nutrition in corporate restaurants training course and guide, the provision of support for the EMAS environmental management system, and a pilot project focusing on the formulation of a sustainability report.

MVO_label geblokt_blauw_Kenniscentrum_duurzaam_ondernemen    MVO Vlaanderen

MVO Vlaanderen (CSR in Flanders) is an initiative launched by the Flemish government’s Department of Work and Social Economy. It serves as a starting point and meeting place for people and enterprises with an interest in corporate social responsibility. The website provides a wide range of tools and information as a means of helping organisations put CSR into practice.

The Federation and the various chambers have worked together with MVO Vlaanderen on the following projects:


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