The Accreditation Program

Chambers of commerce are run by and for businesses. Each chamber has its own identity, depending on the members and the region where it is active. Through its accreditation system, the Federation sees to it that all chambers perform their duties in a professional and high-quality fashion. Accreditation is a condition for a chamber being permitted to be a member of the Federation.

The Accreditation of local chambers of commerce

The accreditation of local chambers of commerce in Belgium is built around 12 principles that every chamber must respect. These principles are clearly cited in the accreditation programme.

Our 12 accreditation principles:

The Accreditation of bilateral chambers of commerce

The accreditation of Belgian chambers of commerce abroad rests on three major pillars: corporate governance, high-quality service and constructive collaboration with the diplomatic missions abroad. This accreditation occurs in close collaboration with the Chambre de Commerce du Luxembourg, since the majority of bilateral chambers also promote the economic and commercial interests of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Belgian chambers of commerce abroad endorsing the principles of the accreditation programme, yet which are too young or too small, may be admitted as associate members of the Federation.

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