Questions about ATA carnets

Which countries accept the ATA carnet?

The ATA carnet can be used in trade with countries affiliated to the Brussels ATA Convention (6 December 1961) and the Istanbul ATA Convention (26 June 1990) in order to cover the temporary importation of goods.

Members of the ATA chain

What is the period of validity of the carnet?

The carnet has a maximum validity of one year from the date of issue. It entitles the holder to an unlimited number of entries in the affiliated countries during that year. Any product listed on the carnet must be returned to the EU before the date of expiry of the carnet. Products must leave the importing country before the deadline of re-exportation stated by the customs of import, since the authorised period of importation can be restricted by the customs of import. Customs shall record this in box 2 of the counterfoil on the importation voucher.

How much does an ATA carnet cost?

Costs of the ATA carnet vary depending on the value of the goods and the number of journeys.

Is it possible to have a carnet for horses?

Yes, if the carnet contains the following information:

What happens in case of loss or theft of the ATA carnet?

Can a replacement carnet be issued for fewer goods than on the original carnet?

No, this is not possible.

What if the goods are lost or stolen?

What if the goods are sold on site?

Can the goods remain in the country of destination longer than the period of validity?

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