Certificates of origin

The chambers of commerce are authorised by the Federal Public Service Economy to issue non-preferential certificates of origin. Only chamber employees who have taken a course and have successfully passed an exam are able to issue certificates of origin. The chambers are furthermore regularly audited by the Federation and the FPS Economy. That way, we guarantee that exporters receive the best possible advice concerning origin, and that the certificates provided comply with all statutory requirements.

Requesting and printing your certificate of origin from behind your desk

To obtain your certificate of origin, you can go to your chamber of commerce. However, why not make it easy for yourself and use our online application DigiChambers, supported by all chambers:


Not yet familiar with DigiChambers? Contact your chamber of commerce for more information, or watch the demo! If you would still like to visit your chamber of commerce, please print an application form beforehand.

For more explanations on rules of origin, please visit this information page.

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