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Our services

The Chamber focuses on organising China-related events: lunches with high-level Belgian, Chinese or European officials, seminars and meetings with Chinese delegations.

The Chamber is increasingly involved in offering support to Belgian companies interested in attending EU-China matchmaking events and trade fairs in China. It also helps its members with referrals, business matching and identification of experienced partners both in Belgium and China, and assist them to expand their business to China.


Our publications

Newsletter: a quarterly publication in English and Chinese, distributed in Belgium and China. It contains information on past and future activities of the Chamber, and on trade and investment opportunities between our two countries.

Guidebook “Belgium, your gateway to Europe”: an overview of Belgian economy and its various key sectors, an introduction of its tourism, a practical tool for Chinese entrepreneurs to understand the Belgian economic opportunities and to help them access our market.


Our activities

  • Match-making meetings with Chinese economic & official delegations coming to Belgium
  • Seminars & information sessions ranging from customs issues, IPR problems to recent economic developments
  • Intensive workshops focusing on cross-cultural management
  • Company visits
  • Workshops for Chinese businessmen to attract investments in Belgium
  • Conferences about EU-China relations and dialogue
  • Lunches with high-level officials



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