Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan ( Retour à la liste des Chambres)


Who we are

Since its foundation in 1978, the Chamber has been promoting the development of commercial activities between Belgium, Luxembourg and Japan.
Led by a board of 12 directors from various backgrounds and experiences, and a permanent office with multilingual staff, the Chamber offers a wide range of tailor-made services aimed at helping you to succeed in the world’s third largest economy.


Our services

The Chamber provides a wide range of services for Be-Lux companies, such as the 2-yearly YES programme, specifically targeting young executives wanting to explore the Japanese market. The Chamber also organises a number of events and seminars that provide companies with valuable insights in the Japanese market, and give the opportunity to network and meet fellow exporting companies, local professionals, expatriates and the movers and shakers of the Belgian and Luxembourg business community in Japan.


Our activities

  • Commercial events that help to promote commercial activities amongst Belgium, Luxembourg and Japan: bi-annual YES program, bi-annual Nippon Export Award, Delighting Customers in Japan seminar, participation in trade fairs, breakfast/luncheon meetings, etc.
  • Promotional/networking activities, which aim to strenghten the image of Belgium and Luxembourg in Japan, as well as to tighten the business network of our members: monthly beer gatherings, new year party, mid-year party, gala ball, etc.


Number of members


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