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Who we are

Since its establishment in 2003, Beluxcham has played an important role as the principle voices of the Belgian- Luxembourg business community in Vietnam. We promote the Belgian-Luxembourg-Vietnamese trade relations for their mutual benefit. Herein Vietnam, we are working in a close corporation with European Chamber of Commerce, its partners and local authorities to provide members with the best services.


Our services

  • Provide members and non-members up-to-date information relating to economic, legal, technical, financial, market and other business in Belgium, Luxembourg and Vietnam
  • Raise the profile of Vietnam in the Belgian or Luxembourg business community and the profile of Belgium or Luxembourg in the Vietnamese business community
  • Complement the bilateral activities carried out by trade missions and business organizations
  • Organize company visit
  • Assist Belgians, Luxembourg seeking jobs in Vietnam


Our activities

  • Organize business lunches, conferences
  • Receive and assist to trade missions
  • Organize the NETPLUS – a jointly European Networking event
  • Organize the Business Achievement Awards for Belgian, Luxembourg companies and businessmen in Vietnam.
  • Publish Beluxian newsletter quarterly
  • Arrange internship work placement for Belgian , Luxembourg students in Vietnam


Number of members


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