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Who we are

The Chamber helps Belgian and Luxembourg companies to succeed in doing business in Chile, as well as Chilean firms in Belgium and Luxembourg, by offering specific activities, information and contacts through its 60-year-old network in Chile.  The Chamber tries to define and match strategic alliances between Belgian and Chilean (or Pacific coast) firms, as well as universities and researchers. This activity mainly focuses on innovation and creation of synergies between economies.


Our services

  • Macroeconomic information and forecast on Chile and neighbour economies
  • Specific analysis and tailor-made services to firms, from legal support to networking lobbying and cultural aspects
  • Support to export promotion in cooperation with existing programmes and instruments at the Belgian level (FIT, AWEX, Brussels Export) as well as at EU level (European Commission mainly but also Eurochambers, Business Europe, European Investment Bank, European Parliament, Court of Justice, and European partners)


Our activities

  • Between 10 to 15 annual networking events from working-lunch with special invitees to commercial missions or fairs in Chile, as well as international seminars, conferences on financial and fiscal topic
  • Corporate hospitality events
  • Participation in activities of our partners Chambers in Luxembourg (Luxembourg-Chilean Chamber) and in Santiago (Chilean-Belgian Chamber)
  • Close cooperation with the other bilateral Chambers between Belgium and Latin American countries, especially on the Pacific coast (Colombia and Peru)


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