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Who we are

Founded in 1971, the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Spain is composed of entrepreneurs and professionals of Spanish, Belgian and Luxembourg nationality, who are professionally established in their sector and dispose of a deep knowledge of their countries and their different environments. Since its establishment, the Chamber aims to favor economic, commercial and cultural relations between Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg, and to be an effective platform for contacts for its member businesses.


Our services

  • Information on several issues (economics, federations, exhibitions, firms and products, commercial issues)
  • Commercial relations (entrepreneurial and institutional contacts, search for partners and traders, coordination and participation in events, exhibitions and congresses)
  • Business support (creation and establishment of businesses, provisional domiciliation of societies, translation and interpretation services, etc.)
  • Publications (« Guide pour entreprendre en Espagne » / « Ondernemersgids voor Spanje »)


 Our activities

  • Breakfast / Information sessions
  • Business Drinks
  • Lunch-Conferences
  • Entrepreneurial visits
  • Magazine “Intercambios”
  • Workshops
  • Thematic seminars
  • “Marqués de Villalobar” prize
  • Newsletters


Numer of members


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