rue Belliard 2 – 7th floor
1040 Bruxelles – Belgium


From Brussels – Central Railway Station

By foot
Get out at the backside of the station (Kantersteen) and go straight through the Galerie-Ravenstein. Continue walking straight forward, go up the stairs and you end up in the Rue Royale. There, walk through the Parc Royal, go straight forward along the rue Lambermont, cross the inner ring and you reach Rue Belliard.

By metro
Go to the metro line 1 or 5, get out in Arts-Loi, follow the exit to Avenue des Arts and keep your left-hand side. Walk on to the crossroad with Rue Belliard and turn to the left. You will find us at number 2 on the left-hand side.

From Brussels – South Railway station

By metro
Go to the metro line 2 or 6 towards Simonis (Elizabeth) and get out in stop Trône. Follow the exit to Rue Montoyer direction Avenue des Arts. Turn right in Avenue des Arts, walk on to the crossroad with Rue Belliard and you will find us at number 2.

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Where do I find the current details of a Belgium company?

All Belgian companies are registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE), the Belgian trade register. You can retrieve the current public details of companies and their site units through “Public Search”. The CBE also provides links to publications in the Belgian State Gazette and to the annual accounts submitted.

Where can I go for an extract from the commercial register?

Extracts from the trade register (Crossroads Bank for Enterprises) can be obtained from the enterprise counters. Here you will find the list of enterprise counters.

Whom should I turn to in the event of (internet) fraud?

If you are the victim of fraud (e.g. in the event of fraudulent business directories) you can turn to the Consumer Protection Department of the Federal Public Service Economy

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