Covid-19: We are here to help!

What are the obligations for employers? What is the expected impact on my field of activity? How can I ensure the safety of my employees? Who can I contact if I have questions?

The coronavirus epidemic and the measures taken to contain it can have serious consequences for the Belgian economy. The Belgian Chambers of Commerce are joining forces with the public authorities and are informing you about the current situation by making several web pages available to you.

The Chambers network

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about coronavirus as well as practical information on measures taken to help companies in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels.

If these information pages do not answer a specific question, or if you would like to receive more specific details, please contact your chamber of commerce.

Public authorities

General information

Finally, do not hesitate to visit for more general information.


Various telephone numbers are available to answer your questions:



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