Belgian Chambers and FPS Economy sign a partnership agreement

During an official celebration held  at the Antwerpen-Waasland Chamber of Commerce on 13/09, the Federation of Belgian Chambers  and the FPS Economy confirmed their cooperation, which dates back to 1999. What began as an initiative to create greater uniformity in the issue of certificates of origin and to improve the exchange of information between the FPS Economy and the business community, has resulted 20 later in a broad partnership described as such: “Strengthening the competitiveness of Belgian companies in the world economy: creating the conditions for a competitive, sustainable and balanced operation of the goods and services market in Belgium”. The new agreement focuses on digitisation, administrative simplification and on tackling trade barriers.

The celebration was also an ideal moment to look ahead to the new version of DigiChambers, the online application used by businesses and chambers of commerce to issue certificates of origin. DigiChambers was launched in 2009 and is currently undergoing a complete overhaul. The official launch is scheduled for 21/10. Pictures of this event are available on this webpage.