Free access to eTranslation, the European Commission automated translation tool!

On 23 March, the European Commission made eTranslation, its automated translation tool, available to European small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)!

eTranslation is developed by the European Commission, and is widely used and trusted by European and national public administrations. SMEs can now use eTranslation to translate any document or plain text between any of the 24 official EU languages, as well as Icelandic, Norwegian, Russian and even more to come. eTranslation is free, easy to use and secure, and can make a difference in your daily work.

You can even choose the domain of the source text, such as health or justice, to produce a translation taking into account the language specificities of your sector. eTranslation translates the text of any file with no alterations to images or formatting, and you can delete all translated data from the system after downloading to guarantee confidentiality.

Are you ready to use it? / Siete pronti a usarlo? / Készen áll a használatára?

Discover eTranslation!