The European Single Market still has many shortcomings

A recent survey of their members by Chambers of commerce shows that 70% of companies believe that the European Single Market is not yet sufficiently integrated. This survey is part of a larger project conducted by all European chambers and coordinated by Eurochambres.

This Eurochambres report provides an overview of the obstacles faced by companies operating in the European single market. For Belgian companies, these obstacles are first and foremost the complexity of administrative procedures, followed by difficult access to information on the regulations in force and, finally, differences between national laws on products and services.

The companies that were polled also proposed a number of solutions to overcome these obstacles. While the drastic reduction of administrative formalities is the most common measure proposed, the provision of information on procedures and formalities in the different Member States on a common EU-wide portal follows directly. Another major simplification measure would be to make it possible to carry out as many procedures as possible online. In addition, the Commission and the Member States must work better together to implement and enforce European legislation.

The full Eurochambres report is available here
The Factsheet is available here